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Kitten Mita
is the first running game project developed by Eggion using RPG Maker VX Ace. It's an RPG simulation with so many game content such as dungeon crawling, working part time, training to get stronger through battling monster or minigames at the dojo that's sure to entice player.

Kitten Mita tells you a story of a kitten named Mita who's looking for a new mother candidate. Mita went through such hardship even though she herself is haunted over the memory of her evil mother after leaving her behind.

The story is an adaptation of Indonesian folklore, Kasih Ibu yang Sejati with additional filler content, more character as well as side story and plot twist.

Story SynopsisEdit

"The story began as the little kitten struck by the thought of what's the importance of being a family. The kitten lives her depressing life under her evil mother influence. Unable to withstand her mother cruel treatment, she finally decide to run away and thus begin her journey... an adventure to look for new perfect mother candidate."

Chapter SeriesEdit

There are 9 chapter (+1 extra) in total from its original story. Moon Chapter is the current released chapter, while the rest are still on planning and development.

All chapter are listed as below :

Game FeatureEdit

Kitten Mita is rich in game feature and content, even the whole game is categorized by 3 major game mechanic :