Main Concept & Idea Edit

Kitten Mita is an adaptation from Indonesian folklore, Kasih Ibu yang Sejati with more filler content, additional character as well as side story and plot twist. The story is about a kitten who ran away from her mother and decide to look for a new, better mother.

Prologue : Summary Edit

As it stated on Moon Chapter game description as well as the in game biography :

Kitten Mita run away from her terrible mother because her mother is horrible.
Together with Memble the ugly doll, thus began their journey in search for the new perfect mother.
Night time so scary, but thanks to the warm of the moonlight it is not that scary anymore.
Looking ahead is Nocturn Village where she might see the moon better.
"It is decided then!" thus Kitten Mita and Memble travel to Nocturn Village.

It doesn't explained of what does it mean by "horrible", so for now let's assume that Mita is a selfish brats.

Based from the description, Mita is attached to Memble, her doll. Just as she start her journey, she got kind of lost when night time comes. It's the first time for her, but then she realize there are something pique her curiosity. It's the warm of the moon, whose light shine through the dark night. She is enticed by the moon, admiring her beauty and began to think she is just as perfect to become her new mother. She is guided by the moon which lead her journey to Nocturn Village.

Next Chapter Edit

After the short prologue, the story enter its first chapter : Moon Chapter